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Plans that are specific to you & your building site!

Unlike internet plans, my plans are very specific to you, your land, and how you want the home to "live" for your family. With me to help you avoid design pitfalls as we collaborate to put something together you are going to love. We're literally going to build your new home on my computer first, for you to see in all its glory! And, also unlike internet plans that do not include any engineering, mine do! Not only do they include engineering in terms of the size and type of materials for your roof system, floor system, and the sizing of any necessary beams, one of the 1st steps in the design of your project is to go through an extensive checklist to aid in the correct design of your plans. How much slope does your land have? How many daylight walls can your basement have? Which side(s)? How much retaining wall, if any, do you need? Where is your driveway going? Where will your plumbing stub out of the foundation to tie to septic? Is your well at least 100' from your septic? Where will your HVAC compressors and air handlers be located? Do you need a propane tank and where is it going? And on and on and on. Talk about being empowered when you meet with your builder for the 1st time! With my plans you will not be at the total mercy of your builder and costly re-work should be cut to 0 if the builder is paying attention! I have seen time and time again my clients saving more money than what they pay me for their design. Yes, a good set of plans cost good money, but they will invariably save good money too.


In terms of pricing, according to Forbes in a 2024 article, architects charge an average of $47,000. This is in line with what was just shared with me, in 2023, by a doctor for whom I designed her home. Well what is your pricing Tyler!? Blue Willow boy!(lol) Well let's consider a couple of things first; 1- I use powerful 3D design software that lets you "see" your home, inside and out, in vivid detail, before the 1st nail is ever driven. And it is deadly accurate! Want to see what that Sherwin Williams paint color looks like on your walls? There is a Sherwin Williams catalog in my software. Not sure if you want a shaker door or raised panel door for your cabinets? I can show you that too, including with various wood species and minwax stains or paint colors! Not sure if you want the Kohler or Delta sink fixtures? I have both of their catalogs in my software. How about a James Hardie Catalog? Yeah, got that too! When I say "See It Before You Build It", I truly mean it. 2nd thing to consider; the time needed to design a one-of-a-kind custom home plan is typically 200+ hours. Not to mention the software and the computer to run the software are over $10,000 plus additional yearly costs to stay current with the software.


My current pricing is 2% of the cost of new construction. Multiply your heated square footage, heated only, times $250 and that times .02.  Finished basements are calculated at square footage times $150 times .02. Porches/decks/garages are calculated at $50 times square footage times .02. And, lastly, with me, you're going to get a virtual show!

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