While I enjoy my profession and it truly is it's own reward, I do have to make sure the folks I'm talking to about designing and building have the financial wherewithal to accomplish the goal. Unless you're paying cash, I can recommend a lender(s) as the necessary first step to establish your budget.


The site evaluation process looks at all the land prep work, including all the permits, and is also an integral part of pricing your foundation.


I believe this is what separates me from other builders. With 2d plans bought from the internet or provided by a local draftsman you simply do not know how the home will live until you're physically in the home. I use powerful design software to design your home, to-scale furniture and fixtures are placed in the design and viewed in vivid 3D renderings. It's an incredibly powerful tool than can not only safeguard you against poor design but also give you the benefit of perfecting your new home before the first nail is ever driven.


Based on the site evaluation and plan design, Blue Willow Designs will present to you, in spread sheet form, an extensive 60+ line item budget so you can clearly see where your construction funds are being spent. You don't have to wonder about your costs, you see them in real time from the individual trades and can compare them to your pre-determined budget.